Piatsa Souvlaki Grill House

Wonderful 4.3/5 503 reviews

With knowledge, passion, and consistency, Piatsa Souvlaki Grill House housed in the center of Oia village offers traditional flavors along with the famous pita bread gyros. A concept adapted to the contemporary lifestyle, with an emphasis on the top quality of the local fresh products that will bring to your plate a unique taste, and disruptive environment. Creative salads, the finest meats of the hour, fish options, vegetarian and vegan options, Greek pastitsio, and other tempting handmade cooked dishes came to complement the already wonderful menu!

The goal is to use nostalgic flavors and special blends for the simplest dishes so that they please every guest. Starting from the early morning for the preparation of all dishes to offer you a hot and delicious lunch, till midnight for a fulfilling dinner. Choose what your appetite craves through a variety of delicious meals! Piatsa Souvlaki Grill House is easily accessible by every village as it is located at the central Bus Terminal. The smiling and pleasant staff will make you feel at home and you will have the greatest dining experience at the most affordable prices!

Outdoor seating

Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Traditional Fish


Location & area
Location of Piatsa Souvlaki Grill House

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Piatsa Souvlaki Grill House is located in Oia village
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Operation hours

Daily 9:00 am – 1:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Traditional, Fish

Dining style

Fast Food

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Payment options

Cash, Visa, American Express, Mastercard

Nearest parking

Oia Parking

Reviews on Google
Wonderful based on 503 reviews
Brennan Miller
Brennan Miller 03 Nov 2023

Awesome and authentic Gyro wraps for an amazing price! We got 2 pork and 1 doner wrap - would definitely eat here again. Extra points for the chill cat hanging out! Men’s bathroom is not the cleanest, but gets the job done.

TIM KELLEY 13 Sep 2023

Great place to stop for Greek fast food. No lines, no reservations are needed. The owner friendly happy-go-lucky. Gyros were awesome.

Sławek Kochan
Sławek Kochan 10 Oct 2023

Came here first day when landed In Santorini, after this been in many places then came back as it is the BEST ! Everything is tasty service is second to none ! Weitress is just outstanding! Serving you at 1am in the morning with smile ! And chef, guy is a genius! 🫡🐈

Eatscaping Paris
Eatscaping Paris 15 Apr 2023

Excellent place to eat in Santorini/Oia : food, is amazing, staff is very friendly and helpful and it is very affordable. I’ve been there twice and will definitely come back again ! I highly recommend their kebab meat filled with Philadelphia cream and the stuffed pepper. The Greek yoghurt was also very tasty.

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