Pyrgos Restaurant is located in a very beautiful village and one of the highest points of Santorini offering stunning views to the island. The fancy restaurant owns five different halls, indoor and outdoor areas, modern facilities and elegant décor that make it ideal for any kind of event. Its history dates back to 1980 and today it is one of the best and most successful wedding and event venues on the island.

The restaurant stands out for its hospitality and professionalism as well as for the unique gastronomic experience it offers. It is the place where tradition meets creativity as they serve both traditional and innovative dishes. Customers will experience a delectable journey through recipes inspired by Santorinian, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The local cuisine is known for its matchless tastes and quality thanks to the rich volcanic soil of the island. Fresh vegetables, local meat, freshly caught fish, seafood and many more await to surprise visitors. The same goes for the wine list that features fine wines from Santorini’s vineyards and other places in Greece too.

The great location, the breathtaking views and the exemplary services will certainly make your special event unforgettable, from a birthday party and a romantic dinner to a wedding. Pyrgos Restaurant provides a charming chapel for the wedding ceremony, an outdoor reception area, specially designed halls, excellent menu choices and impressive amenities, such as helicopter services. The couple can enjoy a private helicopter ride around the island of Santorini, fly to the neighboring islands or even celebrate their anniversary in the air. Whatever the occasion, you will definitely have a whale of a time at Pyrgos Restaurant.

Location & area

Location of Pyrgos Restaurant

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Pyrgos Restaurant is located in Pyrgos village
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