Raki Restaurant

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Raki Restaurant is just a simple but genuine authentic Santorinian restaurant in a historical setting in the picturesque square of Megalochori village. We pride ourselves on cooking fresh and local, traditional Greek food, and promoting our regional producers by using their organic products, handled with passion and creativity. Let us spoil you with culinary homemade delicacies that you will remember for a lifetime! Enjoy our wide range of exquisite locally grown and international wines along with your meal! The old people used to say that choosing the right wine for each type of food is half the taste of the food!

Santorinian hospitality and friendliness dominate our service. Our service team is ready to make you feel satisfied at any time and willing to help you in all ways. Raki Restaurant has a beautiful grey stone floor, comfortable chairs to sit on, charming plants, and colorful flowers all over the space offering you rejuvenation. The outdoor dining area is the perfect combination of formal and informal, an intimate environment with a friendly atmosphere! While you enjoy your delicious food, you will have the chance to listen to our live music program which will come to give meaning to your summer night! Are you going to miss it?

Outdoor seating
Live music

Mediterranean Greek Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Traditional


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Location of Raki Restaurant

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Raki Restaurant is located in Megalochori village
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Operation Hours

Daily 9:00 am - 12:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Traditional

Dining Style

Family Style

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Reviews on Google
Wonderful based on 495 reviews
Brandon C
Brandon C 08 Sep 2022

Nice little restaurant in Megalochori with very reasonable prices and a great dining experience. Server was very patient with us and helped explain things on the menu. Food was delicious! Recommend the chicken thigh fillet and Santorini tomato balls!

David Morgan
David Morgan 29 Oct 2022

Pastourma pie. Get two orders. Was recommended by our waiter and did not disappoint. The name “pie” had me expecting something different, but was pleasantly surprised. Beware of the cats - they’re aggressive. They didn’t bother us but they did jump on the chairs of some patrons. I’d gladly fight a cat for that appetizer though.

Claire Johnson
Claire Johnson 13 Aug 2022

We were on a cruise ship and wanted to wander the popular places in Santorini but also have lunch off the beaten path. Raki restaurant came highly recommended. It is near a winery if you want to go before and after, too. The decor is adorable, the staff were kind and attentive and the food was so fresh and delicious. We tried the Greek salad and cheese salad and the swordfish. And we also tried a specialty cheese dish of theirs. Their homemade lemonade really quenched our thirst, too.

Felix Kristl
Felix Kristl 09 May 2022

Friendly waiter, decent omelet, good coffee, nice sitting under shade on the main square. There are many good options in this small town, don’t miss the Megacholori Traditional Cafe 100m up the hill either!

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