Whether you like a Greek traditional dining experience, a family get-together, or a taste of local drinks, Santorini Mou Tavern is where everlasting memories are made! Housed in a small village called Finikia, outside Oia village, colorful flowers are placed all over the Tavern, which brings you positive vibes. Fully committed to food provenance, always delivering fresh flavorsome products locally sourced and prepared in-house daily, including our locally caught seafood and fish. Our pleasant and hospitable team will be very happy to assist you in choosing the right dining options based on your personal tastes.

Although, first in mind remains an exceptional glass or bottle of our famous Santorinian wines! A vast variety of wine lists are waiting for you to discover contingent on the perfect food match. Best described as sharing style, driven by seasonality ad simplicity, letting the flavors of the wine and food mary together. Worth mentioning is the picturesque sunset that can be seen from our Tavern! The mixture of the sky colors during this magical time, with the shades of the Aegean blue Sea, is an unforgettable image that cannot be missed! In the evenings, you will be accompanied by live music orchestrated by the owner and his friends. Trust us and explore a world of fish in a sea of life!

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Location of Santorini Mou Tavern

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Santorini Mou Tavern is located in Finikia village
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