Strogili Restaurant

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Strogili Restaurant is located on the top of the Caldera Cliffs at the alluring village of Oia and faces over the endless blue. Its ideal spot gives you the chance to admire the biggest and most beautiful part of Santorini Island! The menu is based on Mediterranean cuisine, always providing freshly caught fish, seafood, and meat choices that will satisfy all the taste buds! On the other hand, the specially handcrafted cocktails of skilled bartenders, as well as an extensive local wine list, will reach your higher expectations.

The space of the restaurant is minimally decorated with chic and modern touches of the Cycladic traditional colors. Dine at Strogili’s unique and creative dining open terrace and take a shine to the most memorable and thrilling sunset that you have ever seen! The staff takes pride in providing the very best service and the restaurant’s classic virtues are reflected in the team atmosphere, who go about their work with a twinkle in their eye and bright smiles for the guests as well as each other.

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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Meat Vegetarian/Vegan Traditional Fish


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Strogili Restaurant is located in Oia village
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Daily 11:00 am - 11:00 pm


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian/Vegan , Traditional, Fish

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Fine Dining

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Reviews on Google
Wonderful based on 593 reviews
Junghyang park
Junghyang park 25 Nov 2023

2023.10.6. I went to have dinner while watching the sunset view. I thought dinner was over 50€, but the rooftop was 70€ over. So I ordered a variety of foods and they all tasted good. Above all, the sunset view during this season was fantastic. If you come in a different season, the sunset may be slightly obscured by the building in front. Also, since it is a temporary building, it does not have a luxurious atmosphere, but is highly cost-effective. The staff were very friendly, the food was delicious, and my husband and I had a fantastic evening here.

Kirsten van der Merwe
Kirsten van der Merwe 04 Sep 2023

Very few places can match this place in terms of view and quality of food. They are pricey, though, but this time I will not complain about it due to the fact that the food was astoundingly good. I ordered fillet steak and oven cooked lamb. Both dishes were fantastic and the view could not be better, I think. Service was also to be praised. There was always someone close by to assist.

Justin Godbout
Justin Godbout 04 Oct 2023

Great restaurant if you want beautiful sunset views of Oia. Definitely make a reservation. We made ours the morning of without any issue (off season September). Ask your hotel to call. Make sure you look up the sunset time to plan accordingly. Food was good. Expensive, but no different than any restaurant in Santorini. They have two prime tables facing sunset but 70 euro/pp minimum spend (a lot of restaurants in Santorini will do this). You have limited sunsets so need to plan where you want to spend them. Restaurant is nice, romantic, but don’t have perfect view of Oia. We did a catamaran cruise next day which was beautiful. Can also watch sunset from rocky outcrop in Oi, and grab dinner after, only downside is it will be dark.

Gerald Foo
Gerald Foo 20 Jul 2023

Just walked in looking for a place for lunch - couldn’t tell that they had spectacular views when standing at their entrance, but if you make the effort to mount the first set of stairs, you’re in for a treat! Restaurant has 2 decks: lower terrace that’s fully covered where we sat, and the upper terrace that’s partially covered. Both have stunning views over the Aegean Sea, and the famous white-washed buildings clinging onto the side of Oia’s cliff face. Food and prices are what you’d expect from a good restaurant on the mainland - EUR35 for a grilled fish; could say it’s steep (no pun intended) given fish are plentiful, but it’s also 100% geared to tourists, so you’ve got to expect a tourist premium. Deco’s contemporary, minimalist, and all white (in keeping with the island’s unspoken rule), and the staff were courteous; the restaurant was pretty busy so they weren’t stopping for much of a chat. But the views. Oh those views. THAT’S the reason to come here. I can’t compare with views from other restaurants since we only ate here, but we were not disappointed!

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