Thalami Restaurant

Wonderful 4.4/5 1653 reviews

In the heart of the picturesque village of Oia, you will discover Thalami Restaurant, a great place for traditional Greek gastronomy. Thalami offers a gateway to modern Mediterranean cuisine crafted by seasoned Chefs. Its privileged location at the Caldera provides an endless vista of the Volcano and the Aegean Sea, transforming dining into a majestic experience.

Thalami Restaurant offers a choice of outdoor or indoor seating while the atmosphere is a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. The menu consists of high-quality dishes and perfectly cooked chicken, octopus, and Greek salads. The delectable food complements a remarkable selection of Santorinian wines.

The restaurant's unique positioning on the Caldera ensures breathtaking views and a profound sense of tranquility. A dedicated team of professionals promises a seamless blend of exceptional cuisine and outstanding service. Thalami is an extraordinary setting where Greek tradition and contemporary style converge.

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Panorama View
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Outdoor seating
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Mediterranean Greek Seafood Vegetarian/Vegan Fish


+30 2286071009
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Location of Thalami Restaurant

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Thalami Restaurant is located in Oia village
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Daily 12:00 pm - 12:00 am


Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Vegetarian/Vegan , Fish

Dining style

Fine Dining

Dress code

Smart Casual

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Oia Parking

Reviews on Google
Wonderful based on 1653 reviews
Sam Fekrirad
Sam Fekrirad 23 Sep 2023

The view is good. However, you won't have a sunset view, just the colors. It was crowded in our August trip, so we made a reservation through our hotel front desk. Easy to get in. The staff were friendly and the food was delicious. Cocktails were not so great, though.

Sylv N
Sylv N 23 Sep 2023

Didn’t have a booking around sunset time but managed to nab a last table at the terrace - lucky! Reservations definitely recommended here. Vibes and views excellent. Friendly staff and excellent services. Food and wine list very good too. Really enjoyed our dinner here.

Clara FU
Clara FU 16 Sep 2023

The view is very nice. All dishes are yummy with reasonable portion. Cocktail is comparatively expensive but it may be attributed to the high tax.

Cathy Nguyen
Cathy Nguyen 16 Sep 2023

This address is a must in Oia, we ate twice here. The food was succulent and the atmosphere of the restaurant was pretty great. Their risotto was delightful, their seafood pasta was good and their grilled octopus was delicious.

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