The Cave of Nikolas has been serving in Santorini, at Akrotiri Beach by the sea, since 1967. It is a family-primarily seafood restaurant with much passion and desire for quality homemade food. Providing customers with amazing Greek taste, traditional delicate fresh fish flavors, but also the best quality meat options for those who want something different! The name of the restaurant came from the owner’s idea to build a cave and make it the most amazing dining experience! We could not omit, that all our products are carefully selected every day from our farm, and all our fish is freshly caught daily.

The inviting atmosphere and the attentive, friendly staff will also contribute to ensuring you an enjoyable taste adventure! You will have some special moments with your family or your friends, while you are drinking one of our extraordinarily vast varieties of local Santorinian wines and drinks. Last but not least, The Cave of Nikolas is the best place to admire the picturesque sunset. Take time to watch the setting sun, to see the colors change that will become one with the sea! It is definitely a place to see and be seen!

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Location of The Cave of Nikolas Restaurant

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The Cave of Nikolas Restaurant is located in Akrotiri village
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