At the bottom of the scenic village of Oia, where you can admire the most striking sunset, on the northwest coast of Santorini, lies the charming, small port of Ammoudi. There are various ways to access it and it is totally worth a visit. You can reach it by car from Oia village, on foot by descending a series of steps (more than 200) or a more traditional option is by riding a donkey, which is typical in Santorini.

It is a beautiful, tiny cove with crystalline waters and fishing boats lying in the sea. Undeniably, it is one of the most picturesque sites of Santorini that stands out for its traditional character. Along the waterfront there are several fish taverns, standing side by side, by the sea where you can taste delicious fresh dishes and unwind under the sound of the waves while you are facing the vast Aegean Sea. It is a perfect spot for peaceful, romantic walks.

Here there are no beaches, sand, sunbeds and umbrellas but you can have a distinctive experience by swimming from the dock. Nevertheless, it is preferable that you follow the path, past the taverns, that ends up in an awesome diving area with crystal clear waters. Along the path there are even high rocks, perfect for extreme dives, ideal for strong swimmers. The view from here is absolutely rewarding. While you are swimming you are gazing the breathtaking Oia settlement hanging on the caldera upon staggering sheer, reddish cliffs. From Ammoudi you have the chance to visit the neighboring island of Therasia by tour boats.

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Location of Ammoudi beach

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Ammoudi beach is located in Ammoudi village
Ammoudi beach is located in Ammoudi village

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