The most secluded and unspoiled beach is located on the north east coast of Santorini. It is 4 kilometers away from Oia and about 12 kilometers north east of Fira, the capital. There are no bus routes to Columbo Beach, so you can only access it by rental car or motorbike. You have to park your vehicle on the street and then follow a narrow path that leads to the beach and can be a bit tiring.

Colombo Beach is totally isolated and quiet so a crowd of people on this beach is a rare sight. Plus, it is nudism friendly. Of course it is not organized, there are no sunbeds, umbrellas or canteens, and therefore you must come prepared carrying the essential supplies. It is covered in black-grey sand and tiny pebbles and the waves are a common phenomenon here. The big promontory on the beach provides partial shade during noun and makes the desolate landscape look wilder. Columbo Beach is ideal for those who need privacy and serenity and don’t care for luxuries.

It is named after the underwater Columbo crater that last erupted in 1650. This crater is the most active of the island; hence the waters here are hot. It lies at 500 meters below sea level but a part of it is found at a depth of 10 meters. Risk-takers and equipped swimmers can swim east and explore this area. There is also a nearby cave in the sea, called Seal Cave. These activities are recommended for strong swimmers only.

Location & area

Location of Columbo beach

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Columbo beach is located in Oia village
Columbo beach is located in Oia village

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