The southwest coastline of Santorini consists of special beaches that are out of this world and Mesa Pigadia Beach is no exception. It lies in the area of Akrotiri, about 15 kilometers from Fira, the capital of Santorini, and very close to the famous Red Beach, White Beach and the admirable lighthouse of Akrotiri. You can easily access it by boats that depart from Akrotiri or by car. The beach is off the main road therefore you have to take a dirt road which is in a good condition and safe even for bikers. You will find a parking area once you get here. Mesa Pigadia Beach is not numbered among the popular beaches of Santorini but it is definitely one of its noteworthy hidden spots, ideal for those who wish to avoid crowded, cosmopolitan beaches and prefer picturesque, tranquil places where they can enjoy peacefulness, relaxation and privacy.

The small, adorable cove of Mesa Pigadia resembles Vlychada Beach as it is surrounded by towering, naturally sculpted by the wind and the sea, volcanic cliffs that are quite impressive and provide a shelter from the strong north winds. What’s more, the caved structures, called syrmata, built by the local fishermen in order to protect their boats during winter, add a nice touch with their colorful doors to the natural beauty of the landscape. Mesa Pigadia is a small, quiet beach with large pebbles and dark blue, crystal-clear waters. There is also a cave that leads to White Beach for the adventurous travellers. On the beach you can find few sun loungers and umbrellas and a charming family tavern with a cozy balcony. There you can have a great time by the sea while unwinding and trying palatable local dishes and fresh fish and seafood. You can combine your stop here with a visit to one of the other wondrous beaches or to the intriguing attractions of Akrotiri village, such as the eminent archaeological site which is a must, the lovely lighthouse and the Venetian castle, one of the five that exist on the island.

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Location of Mesa Pigadia beach

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Mesa Pigadia beach is located in Akrotiri village
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