On the east coast of Santorini, about 9 kilometers from Fira, lies the quiet beach of Monolithos. It was given its name from a big rock upon which the church of Agios Ioannis is built. The beach is close to the popular Kamari Beach but is much more peaceful and less crowded. You can access it easily by rental car or bus. The National Airport of the island is located in the area of Monolithos and you can also see the old Tomato Canning Factory here, the first one in Santorini.

Monolithos Beach is family-oriented thanks to the shallow waters and the playground area that make it suitable for young children. Thus, it is widely popular mostly among families and the locals. It is a typical beach of Santorini, long enough with black and grey sand and crystal clear waters. A part of it is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and a lifeguard tower and it has even got a football pitch, a basketball court and a volleyball court offering endless hours of entertaining family moments. Another part is more secluded, ideal for privacy, serenity and relaxation where you can enjoy the natural shade that the trees provide. Admirable rock formations, sculpted by the salt and the wind, face the sea, similar to those in Vlychada Beach, although they are less impressive. Nearby there are cafes, bars, taverns and restaurants where you can complete your restful day at the beach and taste traditional dishes.

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Location of Monolithos beach

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Monolithos beach is located in Kamari village
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