Santorini's Caldera

Santorini’s Caldera, one of the most beautiful natural sights in the world, is a 300-metre high basin that was created after a fierce volcanic eruption that occurred in 1613 BC. That great eruption sank the center of Santorini into the bottom of the Aegean Sea and the outcome was the creation of this unique terrain morphology. The diameter of the caldera is 16 km covering the areas of Oia, Fira, Firostefani and Imerovigli with extraordinary beauty. The picturesque island of Santorini is literally built on a cliff. The distinct landscape of the caldera adds to the rare beauty of the island making Santorini an incredible holiday destination that offers, among all, a view that will take your breath away.

The altitude and the morphology of the caldera provide a breathtaking view any time of the day; whether in the daylight when you can gaze the whitewashed houses and the luxurious hotels with swimming pools and Jacuzzis that decorate their balconies, or even better at night, when the lights compose the most romantic and atmospheric scenery. Of course, nothing can compare to the sight of the caldera when it is bathed in the famous Santorini sunset. It is a magical hour of the day to be out and enjoy an exquisite site for your eyes.
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Fly over Fira

Fira, the stunning capital of Santorini, is the place to be! It is the heart of the island that pulses all day long and offers a variety of things to do. Every visitor will most assuredly drop by Fira every day, so living in this settlement constitutes a great advantage. Facing the caldera lies the captivating volcano in the middle of the cobalt Aegean Sea. Choose your ideal spot and let the mesmerizing view amaze you.

Fly over Oia

One of the most scenic places in Greece is the settlement of Oia in Santorini. The reason for its beauty, and hence its popularity, is the breathtaking caldera and its famous arresting sunset. A stay in the caldera of Oia will offer you memories and images that last a lifetime, as well as a feeling of satisfaction that lingers on well after the trip has ended.

Fly over Firostefani

The village of Firostefani lies really close to Fira. It is built at a higher point on the sheer caldera cliffs and is characterized by vividly colored, traditional houses, admirable churches and chapels and picturesque alleys. Booking a room on the caldera of Firostefani is highly recommendable for those who wish to meet the tranquil side of Santorini and relish the most jaw-dropping view at the same time.

Fly over Imerovigli

Imerovigli, also known as "the balcony of Santorini" or "the balcony to the Aegean", as it is located at the highest point of the caldera, approximately 300 meters above sea level, provides one of the best views of the caldera. The village of Imerovigli has got several attractions that captivate visitors, many shops, restaurants and cafes as well as a wide variety of hotels where they can enjoy a relaxing holiday in the most stunning surroundings.
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