The vivid nightlife of Santorini will, most assuredly, lead you to one of its night clubs if you want to grasp the rhythm of the island. There the entertainment starts after midnight and goes on till the first morning hours. Your night out can begin in a cozy lounge bar with lovely cocktails and then take off in an inviting club in Fira. The capital of Santorini, Fira, throbs with life all day long, especially at night, as most of the action takes place there and there are plenty bars and clubs. Everyone can find their favorite place as the various bars play many kinds of music and feature different styles. There are places that locals prefer and others that are packed with tourists from all over the world. An abundance of drinks, loud music, dancing all night long… The party scene is often even transferred on the stone flagged walkways outside the night clubs. Sometimes renowned singers and DJs give live performances and manage to whip up the atmosphere even more. The three most remarkable and popular night clubs in Santorini are Koo Club, Enigma Club and Town Club, all located on Fira, very close to the main square.

Koo club
Koo Club has a long-standing presence in the party scene of the island and no one should miss the chance to spend a night here. It is the right place for your night entertainment as it offers endless hours of dancing, it hosts various happenings and the staff is great. There also three bars on the beautiful outdoor space with palm trees for those who want to sit down and enjoy a nice cocktail. The welcoming environment and the lively atmosphere will reward you.

Enigma Club
Great parties and several events are organized in this tastefully decorated club that attracts a large number of people every night. At the outdoor area, which also has a charming little balcony, the atmosphere is more relaxing and you can sit and taste palatable cocktails. For many years now Enigma Club is the absolute must for an amazing night out and the ideal place to unwind and have great fun.

Town Club
Town Club is a tourists’ favorite place with a long, successful history in Santorini’s nightlife. Welcoming atmosphere, great DJ playlists, countless drinks and several special events are the secret ingredients that attract crowds of visitors from all over the world. Stop by if you are ready to give in to the vibes of a wild party that goes on all night long and to non-stop dancing.
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