Throughout the island of Santorini there are pharmacies, clinics, a central hospital and doctors who are into private practice, where visitors can turn to for any issue or emergency that may occur during their vacation. There are also regional medical centers in the settlements of Pyrgos, Emporio and Oia as well as in the nearby island of Therasia.

The Hospital of Santorini is located in Karterados village since 2016 and is operated under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Health. It owns advanced medical equipment and a qualified staff that provide high quality healthcare services to the island’s residents and visitors. The Emergency Department is on duty 24 hours a day, twelve months a year.

The Central Clinic of Santorini, which is situated in Fira, has got several departments equipped with the latest type of medical equipment and staffed with experienced personnel who are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is an Emergency Department, which operates 24 hours daily, with sea ambulance and air ambulance available.

Pharmacies can be found in various settlements, such as in Emporio, Imerovigli, Kamari, Karterados, Messaria, Oia and Pyrgos, with a great concentration in Fira, the capital of Santorini. They are open Monday to Friday, while there are some overnight pharmacies, too. At the weekends and on public holidays few pharmacies are on duty.

Useful Telephone Numbers
Santorini Hospital (Karterados): +30 22860 35306 / +30 22860 35300
Santorini Central Clinic (Fira): +30 22860 21728

Argirou T. (opposite post office in Fira): 22860 24501
Gazi V.M. (Fira): 22860 22700
Sammy R. Tarazi (Fira - Pyrgos main road): 22860 21121
Haralambopoulou U. (Emporio): 22860 81762
Ioannou M. (Kamari): 22860 32440
Lignos A. (Fira): 22860 25310
Mentas T. (Messaria): 22860 32566
Zacharopoulos D. (Fira): 22860 23444

Private Doctors

General Surgeon
George Argyros 6945 370159

General Doctors
Georgios Zervas (Miaouli 2, Oia): 22860 72209 / 6982490009
Aristotelis Matekas (Fira): 22860 28736 Mob: 6937 334347
Polichronis Mantas (Kamari): 22860 32785 Mob: 6944 273159

Chest Specialist
Haralambos Vossos (Messaria): 22860 32916 Mob: 6944 767697

Marina Belova (Fira): 22860 23685
Georgia Dionysopoulou (Fira): 22860 25753

George Dimitropoulos (Fira): 6932 651939

Eleytheria Alefragki (Fira): 22860 27043 Mob : 6977 573708

George Vlachos (Fira): 22860 24100 Mob : 6932 405292
George Fountoulis (Kamari) : 6944 390770

E.N.T. Surgeon
Valvis Markos (Fira): 22860 25559 Mob : 6979 778865

Agathi Karayiani (Fira): 22860 25124

Surgeon Opthamologist
Alexios Grapsas (Fira): 22860 25488

Orthodontics Surgeon
Nectarios Roussos (Fira): 22860 25815

Christina Halciopoulou (Messaria): 22860 25520 Mob : 6974 310178

Paediatric Surgeon
Katerina Manousaki (Messaria): 6973 591547

George Ligeros (Karterados): 22860 25909
Nikos Spatharis (Vothonas): 22860 31517

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