Best Santorini Hotels

The best hotels in Santorini, chosen by our experts, including honeymoon hotels, hotels with private pools and hotels on the Caldera. Our manually curated list of the Best Hotels in Santorini for 2019, based on awards, hotel star ratings and user ratings, will help you discover the best places to stay in the Greek island. See the list and book online today!
Oia hotels Pyrgos hotels Price from US$350 Price to US$570 Breakfast Included
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Canaves Oia Suites & Spa

Oia Caldera

visibility local_dining room_service local_bar fitness_center hot_tub pool pool

Exceptional 82 reviews

Aspaki by Art Maisons

Oia Caldera

visibility local_dining room_service local_bar wifi face pool pool

Superb 125 reviews
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