The glory and fame of Santorini and the dazzle it provokes to any visitor are on a large scale due to the caldera, the impressive outcome of a great volcanic eruption. This extraordinary terrain morphology, which covers only the west side of the island, is a rare sight and its wild beauty is what makes Santorini a special island.

The wondrous settlements of Oia, Imerovigli, Fira and Firostefani, which are built on the caldera lip, offer the most spectacular views and are the ideal places to stay if you want to live your dream in Santorini. This is the case: whitewashed houses, hotels and churches suspended above the Aegean Sea, scenic alleys and out of this world views on the well-known volcano and the caldera that fill visitors with rapture and awe. Now imagine facing this splendid image any time of the day from where you are staying.

Hotels on the caldera rim are beautiful buildings that blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings. The majority of them are luxurious, five-star hotels with top facilities. Therefore, there are also some more affordable options so that more people can have the chance to experience such a dreamy holiday. Each room is a “window” to heavenly views. Every morning the caldera is bathed in the bright sun and you can enjoy the sparkling sea. At night, when the island is romantically lit, the scenery is quite different but equally mesmerizing. But of course the most idyllic atmosphere is created during the sunset when you can relax and admire the overwhelming sight; all these in the comfort of your balcony built on the caldera cliff, accompanied by private Jacuzzis and swimming pools. These hotels provide a large number of other amenities, too.

All in all, caldera hotels are flawless in their entirety. A stay in one of these villages, where you have the opportunity to fully cherish the aforementioned excellent images, views and amenities, is highly recommended -for those who can afford it- since it constitutes a unique experience that will fill you with lovely sensations.
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