Santorini, the perfect romantic destination in everyone’s hearts, has a perfect combination of tranquility and nightlife, something for everybody. There are several peaceful traditional villages but also places full of liveliness. These are found in the coastal cosmopolitan settlements of Perissa and Kamari but mostly in the capital, Fira, which is the center of all the action. The multitudes of tourists that visit Santorini annually, seeking a vibrant nightlife, have caused the development of these settlements where there is a growing number of hotspots, bars and nightclubs.

Fira is in the saddle of clubbing and entertainment. Here people can find most of the island’s clubs and bars. There are some romantic and idyllic options like the Casablanca Soul, some atmospheric bars on the caldera with stunning views like the Tango Bar and the PK Cocktail Bar, two very stylish places, but also some vivid places where the party starts after midnight. Among them, the Koo Club and the Enigma Club are two very popular and amazing clubs, preferred by everybody and the bars Murphy’s, Highlander and 2 Brothers are especially loved by tourists. They all boast marvelous cocktails and drinks, famous Greek and international performers and loud music of any kind. They are situated closely together so you can (and should!) visit more than one each night in order to get an idea of Santorini’s pulse. Other than that, there are places with Greek traditional or modern music, like the Mamounia Club, some of them with live orchestra, that liven up the atmosphere with lots of dancing.

The open-air beach bars and regular bars along the long promenade in Perissa and Kamari, such as the Beach Bar, the Tranquilo, the Albatross and the Love Boat to name a few, grow louder at night. They host various events with famous DJs and singers that lead to great parties until morning. The seaside bars and clubs, on the east part of the island, constitute a dominant party scene in Santorini that many people prefer for their night out, as they are bustling with activity and offer endless hours of pleasure and fun.
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