Santorini is a paradise for shopping lovers. You can find a range of shops gathered all around Santorini providing the visitor with everything he drempt of. From classic and modern gold and silver jewellery, antique reproduction jewellery to leather goods. Modern Jewellery Shops, Traditional Art galleries, Antique carpets, furniture, paintings and porcelain, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, books, wines are also available in various shops all around the island.

Santorini is proud to host the famous all around Greece HONDOS CENTER. It is located right in the heart of Fira Town in one of the busiest cobblestone pavements of the island.

In this department store you will find anything you need concerning your beauty, hygiene and personal style, whether you are a woman, a man or a child.
HONDOS CENTER has a large selection of high quality cosmetics such as CLINIQUE, ESTEE LAUDER, LANCOME, CHRISTIAN DIOR, LANCASTER, etc., as and a self-service. A perfume bar is at your disposal in order to take your time and find the perfect perfume to satisfy your senses.
In this CENTER of beauty women can find anything they need or wish for their personal moments, make up cosmetics, body and hair products, accessories, shoes, bags, teddy bears, bijou and small gifts.
It is the ideal place to fill your bags for a day in the beach. You will find sun lotions, hats, sandals, hair accessories, swimsuits and caftans. The experienced beauticians will help you find the best product to satisfy your needs in a friendly environment.

Visit us and let us take you a long journey in the world of beauty.

In the most central road of Fira Town, you will find the BAZAAR boutique shop. Though traditional from the outside, it surprises passengers with its stylish clothes and unique shop window. It is small sample of what you will see inside.

All women and men will find something to fit their tastes. Jeans, T – shirts, dresses, skirts, boots, shoes, swimsuits, bags and belts. Women can select from our wide range of clothes Miss Sixty, Fornarina, Paul – Frank, Take Two, Disigual, ALPRAUSCH, Miss Bicini, KILLAH, etc.

Men will have the chance to choose a pair of jeans or a T – shirt from SIXTY, Paul Frank, Take Two, ALPRAUSCH, Body Glove, etc.

Make a pass from our shop window and you will come back again!

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