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Sightseeing in the splendorous island of Santorini can be a totally fulfilling experience as there is a wealth of tremendous landmarks, castles, archaeological sites and many more remarkable sights, but in order to capture the true essence of Santorini it is essential to follow a guided tour. Locals and experts on Santorini’s gems and off-the-beaten-path “hidden treasures” can lead you to the most amazing places and experiences. There is a large variety of tours, including almost every means of transport (even a helicopter tour!), an abundance of activities to choose from and packages of half-day, full-day or multi-day excursions. The most popular are the sailing cruises around the island and the bus tours through picturesque villages, but there are also e-Bike tours, walking tours, horse-riding tours, kayaking and stand-up paddle tours and even photo tours that can make your trip extraordinary and memorable. Besides sightseeing and visits to the volcano, its healing hot springs, iconic beaches, hidden coves and caves, wineries and other wondrous spots, tours offer various activities, such as swimming, water sports, fishing, snorkeling, cooking classes, wine tasting and more surprises. Finally, there are private tours available, tailor-made to visitors’ needs and interests, ideal for newlyweds. Hop on board and explore the multifaceted island of Santorini, on land or at sea!