Santorini is small out of the ordinary island, a gem in the Aegean Sea. Despite its size, it holds many treasures and surprises throughout its various settlements and succeeds in mesmerizing every visitor. A marvelous revelation awaits everyone who sets foot in Santorini and as they grow dearly fond of it, they promise themselves to come back in order to experience and explore more.

The volcano, the landmark of Santorini, defined its shape and evolution and created phenomenal landscapes which are out of this world. Its presence is evident in most of the villages and each one has its own unique characteristics and a dazzling natural beauty. A high percentage of the villages overlook the volcano, the neighboring Aspronisi and Therasia islands and the cobalt blue sea. Some provide panoramic views on the whole island and the vast Aegean Sea and others have a view of green vineyards, endless plains and the east coasts of the island.

The villages of Santorini are among the most beautiful and picturesque destinations, not only in Greece but worldwide. They are characterized by white-washed houses, like all the Greek islands that belong to the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea, blue-domed churches in their majority, quaint cobbled streets and a feast of attuned colors. The aforementioned stunning view they offer, is of course their greatest feature. All these compose striking images that make it hard to believe that what surrounds you is real.

Santorini is an island of contrasts and uncommon images. The cosmopolitan capital and one of the most compelling settlements is Fira. Fira and other villages like Oia and Imerovigli, to name a few of the most popular, are built on the rim of the caldera cliff which is interwoven with Santorini. Caldera, whose rare wild beauty is captivating, is the hallmark of the island and decisively their allure. Whether you roam around the caldera settlements or gaze from below the white houses suspended above the sparkling sea, is a totally outstanding sight.

A different side of Santorini is offered in the villages of Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari that stand out for different reasons. These are lively, seaside villages that form distinct landscapes and give you the chance to explore extraordinary beaches and live your vacation to the fullest. There are wondrous beaches in other settlements as well that are well worth a visit, from delightful beach resorts to matchless unspoiled sceneries, all with unusual sand colors and crystal-clear waters.

On the other hand, other villages are off the beaten track and are surrounded by serenity. They offer charming images and tranquil moments. Untouched by the touristic development, they keep their traditional characteristics and emanate a whole different aura.

All in all, the villages of Santorini hold dissimilar noteworthy faces that make it an ideal getaway for every traveler. All along the remarkable settlements there are notable landmarks and attractions, prominent historic places, exceptional sites, fascinating diving areas and beaches and many more sights, tastes and experiences to satisfy everybody.
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