It’s always good to know the weather and climate of the destination that you wish to travel to, as this information will help you choose the best time to visit it! So, let’s find out the weather in Santorini all year long and be prepared!

When is there hot and sunny weather in Santorini?

summer santorini weather

Santorini island, like the rest of the Cycladic islands in the Aegean Sea, bears a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and prolonged sunshine days on the largest part of the year, making it an ideal destination for summer holidays.

Hot summer weather starts to make its appearance in Santorini in June, when the sun shines at its brightest and one can enjoy their day by the beach, take a swim at the blue waters or just relax and absorb the warmth of the sun. The same applies for the rest of the months until September, with July and August being the hottest of all the summer months, with temperatures reaching high levels. This hot weather attracts many travelers and this period is considered a high season for the island. We could say that, during these months, Santorini bursts with life!

However, indications of warm weather start from the second half of April, during the Spring season, when there are moderate temperatures and the sea starts warming up, which makes it possible to have a swim, but not guaranteed. It is easier to move around the island though, compared to the next months with the high number of guests, and admire its tremendous landscape and its unique volcanic beauty.

Generally, the warm climate with the continuous sunshine and the high temperatures during summer, in combination with the capturing views, make Santorini one of the most visited islands of Greece!

Santorini Yearly Weather by Season and Month

Here is a complete weather description for each season and month in Santorini


The most ideal period and the most imaginary weather for explorers of the island! If you are planning on visiting Santorini island to meet every inch of it and admire its extraordinary landscape, then this is the best time of the year! The weather is gradually getting warmer, especially from April, but it does not get extremely hot, which makes touring around the island very enjoyable and satisfying!

church flowers spring santorini weather

March in Santorini: The weather is cold but a small change occurs in March in relation to the 3 previous winter months. More sun, less rain. It can be a nice time for hikers and sightseers to visit but they must be prepared for rain and cold nights.

April in Santorini: The weather gets warm. Probably the best month for hiking and sightseeing.

May in Santorini: The weather in May is consistently sunny and warm. May is one of the best months of the year to visit Santorini when the temperatures are high and the chance of rain is low. Santorini hotels have availability and great rates!


The best season choice if you are planning a beach holiday! The weather is hot and the sky is cloudless, with constant sunshine and maybe a mild wind some days, which only helps make the heat bearable. The temperature of the sea rises, so it is the ideal weather for swim and water sports lovers or people who just enjoy sunbathing at the beach! It is also the best time to engage in different kinds of tours and activities, like catamaran or sailing trips, and meet all the prominent sights of this unique island!

santorini beach weather

June in Santorini: The weather in June is hot and sunny. It is the start of beach season when tourists arrive in large numbers. Prices for hotels and flights are more reasonable in June.

July in Santorini: The weather in July is hot and sunny. July is one of the busiest months of the year in Santorini. Book your hotel at least two months in advance to ensure availability.

August in Santorini: The weather in August is hot and sunny with occasional strong winds (ideal for water sports). August is the busiest still popular time for traveling to Santorini, huge numbers of families and couples arriving on the island.


The summer feeling still exists, especially during the first month of Autumn, as the weather continues to be hot and sunny during the day! As the days' pass, cool nights start to make their appearance, as well as cloudy skies, but with the best sunset colors that anyone has seen! It is still a nice period for swimming, during September, and a less crowded one, which enables visitors to enjoy the island to the fullest!

sunset night santorini weather

September in Santorini: The weather is much like June, hot and sunny but cooling a little. The water tends to be warmer as it heats over the summer months.

October in Santorini: The weather is much like May but the cold is coming.

November in Santorini: The weather is often cloudy and cool, winter days arrive in November.


While it is the coldest season of the year with humid weather, including occasional rains and strong winds, it is also the period that if you decide on visiting Santorini, you will feel like a local. Most tourist shops and restaurants are closed and the only open ones are small cozy taverns with a friendly atmosphere. It is also a nice time for view-admiring and exploring in a more relaxed way!

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December in Santorini: The weather is cool and rainy, though there are often stretches of sunny days.

January in Santorini: The weather is cold and windy. The island is really quiet with no tourists. January is probably the rainiest month and one of the coldest.

February in Santorini: The weather is cold and windy. Locals mention that February is always the coldest month.

Now that you know what weather conditions to expect in Santorini every season, choose to visit the island in the season that suits your holiday style, pack your bags and get ready for the most magical vacations of your life!

Average High/Low Temperatures by Month

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High °C 14 14 16 18 23 27 29 29 26 23 19 15
Low °C 10 10 11 13 17 21 23 23 21 18 14 11

Average High/Low Temperatures by Month

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High °F 57 57 60 65 73 81 85 85 79 73 65 59
Low °F 50 50 52 56 62 70 74 74 69 64 57 52
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