Wondering if you should choose Santorini for a family trip?

You may think it’s only meant for couples and friends but what you may not know is that families, especially kids have a great time on the beautiful island. It’s the perfect spot to have an unforgettable family holiday. There’s so much to explore amidst white-washed villages nestled on rugged hills overlooking crystal blue waters. Plus, there’s so much that your kids can learn about volcanoes and Greek mythology.

Here are a few convincing reasons you should visit Santorini with your family.

Why Choose Santorini for a Family Trip

Safety First

According to Travel Safe Abroad, Greece is a very safe country where tourists can enjoy without experiencing any crime or violence. Petty crimes on the streets may concern you, but with appropriate safety measures, your trip should go smoothly and peacefully.

Have Fun at the Beach

Santorini offers some of the best swimming spots. There are several beaches on the island where you can have some quality family time. Monolithos beach is family-oriented thanks to the shallow waters and the playground area that make it suitable for young children. Thus, it is widely popular mostly among families and the locals. It is a typical beach of Santorini, long enough with black and grey sand and crystal clear waters. A part of it is organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and a lifeguard tower.

The best thing is that there are many affordable options available for accommodation in a top-class hotel that offers access to the beach on foot. You can book a nice family suite near Perissa or Kamari beach and wake up to breathtaking views every day.

Experience the Mediterranean Cuisine

The island features a remarkable range of Mediterranean cuisine from fusion food at fine dining areas to traditional platters at local taverns. In addition to that, you can enjoy the trendy gyro-joints and scrumptious seafood with your family.

Enjoy Water Activities

Santorini is popular for the variety of water activities it offers. From swimming and boat trips to jet ski, parasailing, and paddle boarding, there are so many ways to spend a fun day at the beach.

That being said, your kids will surely love the boat tour around Caldera. The kids also get a chance to swim and jump off the catamaran, experiencing the thrill and feeling the adrenaline rush.

Best Place for Families and Kids

The best places to stay in Santorini with your family and kids are those near the beach, including Kamari, Perivolos, and Perissa. Consider booking a room in a hotel next to a beach and enjoy walking to the beach every day! Your kids will love playing on the beach while you can sit by the shore and unwind with your favorite book or drink.

The hotels near the beaches are affordable as compared to the other side of the island. On Kamari and Perissa, you can find many restaurants on the beachside along with mini markers, shops, and cafes on the coastal. It also makes a great walking route to spend some quality time with your family.

Check out the options of Kamari hotels, Perissa hotels, and Perivolos hotels.

Best Things to Do for Family

Book a Boat Volcano Tour

The best thing to do Santorini for families is the boat volcano tours. You can book a catamaran cruise during the daytime for swimming and chilling by the sea or a sunset cruise with a traditional boat that resembles a pirate ship.

Eat at a Traditional Greek Tavern

Don’t forget to enjoy a wholesome meal at a traditional Greek tavern, where you will be welcomed like special guests. Not only does the food taste amazing but also the people are super friendly and kind.

Have Fun at the Beach

You can also have fun swimming or simply unwinding by Kamari and Perissa beach with your spouse and kids. You can play some games or simply sit back and enjoy the peace.

Go Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is also a great option in Santorini for families, as the wineries usually have plenty of space to accommodate kids.

If you choose Santorini for a family trip, you can rest assured that it’ll be one of the most awesome trips of your life. Get ready to explore what the island has to offer and make memories that your family would cherish forever!
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