You may think Santorini is too romantic for a solo trip but hey, traveling to Santorini alone will be the most adventurous trip of your life. Sure, you’ll mostly see newlyweds, families, and groups of friends on the island but there will also be a few solo travelers who don’t need anyone to have fun at the most amazing destinations in Greece.

Here’s why you should choose Santorini for a solo trip.

Why Choose Santorini for a Solo Trip

Pose and Click in Caldera

Even if you take countless pictures in Santorini, they’re never enough. There are just so many picture-perfect locations that you can’t help but photograph. The beautiful island is home to iconic sunsets, rugged cliffs, pearly white houses, and blue-domed churches. This also makes the perfect backdrop for an Instagram selfie! Just pose, click, and post – and let the world know about your love affair with the camera in one of the most popular Greek islands.

Local People are Sweet and Friendly

The local people in Santorini are very friendly. They welcome tourists warmly and are always willing to help them. In short, when you’re traveling to Santorini alone, you don’t have to worry about feeling like the odd one out.

Meet New People at Beach Bars and Clubs

The beach bars and nightclubs in Santorini offer a wonderful opportunity to solo travelers to meet new people and make friends. You can enjoy drinks and party with the local people to get involved in the local culture. You can also enjoy a hearty meal with them while discussing Greek mythology and etymology.

Asking appropriate questions and acting polite can even earn you a friend for a lifetime. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up with people to go back to whenever you decide to return to Santorini!

Explore the Local Villages

Having featured on a million postcards, the local villages in Santorini have a lovely vibe! If it’s your first trip ever to the island, you’ll love walking around and exploring Oia and Pyrgos.

If you love taking photographs, you’ll find heaven in these villages. Oia features picturesque landscapes, allowing you to overlook the maze of narrow streets decorated with little shops and cute cafes.

Make sure you witness the magical sunset in Oia and find the right angle for the perfect picture!

Go for an Affordable Volcano Tour

There are plenty of budget-friendly options for a volcano tour in Santorini. You can book one that starts from just 20 euro and have an unforgettable trip of your life without spending too much.

Best Place for Solo Travelers

If you’re out on an expedition of exploring Santorini Island alone, the best way to make the most of your trip is by staying at the capital, Fira. Whether you want to shop until you drop or enjoy the social nightlife of Santorini, this place has got you covered! Additionally, the central bus station is located in Fira, which means you’ll have easy access to all the other places on the island.

You can try living in a hostel or a camping space to gratify the adventure seeker in you. Read all about Santorini camping Santorini Camping

Best Things to Do for a Solo Traveler

Stay at Fira

For solo travelers, Fira is the best place to stay since it is the capital of Santorini. You will get a chance to meet new people, make friends, and enjoy the nightlight of the island in the best possible way. At clubs, like Two Brothers, Murphy’s Club, and Highlander Club, you will come across friendly, welcoming people who won’t let you get bored.

Enjoy a Boat Tour

Moreover, join a boat party at sunset and make memories with random strangers. The Sunset Red Cruise accommodates up to 55 people, so there’s no chance you will feel lonely!

Rejuvenate at the Beach

You can also enjoy some me-time at Perivolos Beach and visit the finest beach bar on the island. Watch the waves crashing at the shore while reading a book or sipping on your favorite drink or dive in the deep blue waters for a refreshing swim.

Hike all the Way from Fira to Oia

Many solo travelers love hiking the path from Fira to Oia and visiting the castles of Santorini. Even if historical sites don’t mesmerize you, you should visit at least one of the castles to witness their unique beauty.

Book a Bus Tour

The best way to explore all the top sights in Santorini is by booking a bus tour. Moreover, if you like taking photographs, you can even sign up for a photo tour in Santorini!

Many people choose to go to Santorini for a solo trip to rejuvenate and explore themselves while being surrounded by natural beauty. If you keep these tips in mind, traveling to Santorini alone will be the best adventure of your life!
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