Surrounded by turquoise water, the Island is cluttered with multi-colored cliffs, hot-headed volcanoes, and acres of sun-toasted sand. Adding to the marvels of nature are the ancient relics, delectable cuisine, and adrenaline-pumping activities―all of which make your trip unforgettable.

Here’s a closer look at what the island has in store for you:

1. Caldera View

Living on the Edge

Centuries ago, a volcanic eruption transformed the surface of the island by leaving behind cauldron-shaped calderas in its wake. The island managed to survive this catastrophic event by building an infrastructure that mimics its rugged landscape.

The towns in Santorini are a sight to behold as they spill over the land. Their stoic white-washed houses, domed-shaped architecture, and colorful displays present itself as a unique welcoming party―as they cling to the remnants of the caldera.

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2. The Magical Hour

Sunsets in Santorini are out of this world.

Your visit to Santorini will be incomplete if you don’t spend at least one evening in Oia to witness its marvelous sunset. The town is known as the ideal spot to witness the island’s infamous sunset.

You can watch the sky turn fifty shades of candy floss pink, lavender purple, and blazing orange as the sun departs for the day.

3. Luxury Hotels

Treat yourself to a luxurious holiday experience.

Don’t let appearances deceive you. The island is more than just sunsets and cliffs. It’s also got a thriving hotel industry that caters to your needs. From sea-front balconies, an infinity pool, fine dining, to comfortable beds―it’s got everything you need to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing.

Explore hotels with matchless views on the caldera

4. Sun Kissed Beaches

Acres of sunny beaches are calling your name.

The volcanic island is home to of the world’s most unique beaches. The tourists’ spot is shrouded with volcanic rocks and sand that give it a distinctive appearance. So don’t be surprised to step into a beach that is decked with charcoal, white, and red-hot pebbles.

Besides this, the beach presents itself as an idyllic space to soak in the sun, dive into the crystalline waters, or enjoy the sounds of waves crashing into each other.

5. The Volcanoes

Swim in the healing waters

Of all the wonderful activities you can do here, our favorite is a boat tour or catamaran cruise. The tour lets you sail along the coastline to visit its famous locations. These include a tour of the dormant volcano, craters, and hot springs. Some tours allow you to swim in the soothing warm waters of Nea Kameni, a place that’s known for its healing powers.

The best part is that these boat tour packages include scrumptious snacks and lip-smacking cocktails too.

Want to explore the volcanoes and hot springs? Take a boat tour!

6. Picture Perfect Scenes

Cobbled streets, cave houses, and quintessential village scenes

If you’ve got an eye for architecture then you’ll love walking around the island to look at its old neighborhood and towns. The winding alleys lead you to cozy cave dwellings, sacred churches, and neo-classical mansions. Each of them represents a bygone era. All you have to do is stroll the streets and let them narrate the wonderful tales of the past.

Where should you go to when you visit Santorini? Learn more about the towns and villages of the island.

7. Historical Sites

The blast from the past

From the Bronze Age, pre-historic civilizations to the legend of Atlantis–the island has been associated with many historical time periods since the first archeological dig. Until now, we have found quite a few interesting relics from these places.

If you’re a history buff then you should visit the archaeological site of Akrotiri to see the ancient settlement for yourself. You can also stop by the Museum of Prehistoric Thera or the Archaeological Museum to look at the exhibition and loot gathered from the latest excavations.

Want to learn more about its history? Get a sneak peek from here.

8. Mouthwatering Mediterranean Cuisine

A delicious slice of Greece

Santorini has rapidly evolved into a gastronomy destination. The island features everything from fusion food at fine dining areas to traditional platters at taverns. Then there are the trendy gyro-joints and scrumptious seafood that complete the food scene.

Most menus contain delectable dishes featuring indigenous fruits and vegetables like white eggplants, juicy tomatoes, fava, and caper. Adding to this are the robust santorinian wine and the intoxicating concoction of refreshing cocktails served all over the island.

What’s cooking in Santorini? Let’s have a look on our Food & Drink section.

9. Adventure and Fun

There is never a dull moment when you’re in Santorini

Many travelers come to the island to escape the chaotic city life. They can lounge on the beach here for hours at end, taking in the awe-inspiring scenes. If you’re looking for something adventurous then you can always:

  • Go on an exciting jet ski ride
  • Deep dive into the underwater world with scuba diving lesson
  • Take a romantic horse ride with your special someone
  • Book a photo tour to capture the beauty of the island
  • Visit the magical castles and other historic sites
& much more
What could you do at Santorini? Kick-start your vacation with one of these wonderful activities!

10. Globetrotter’s Haven

Jetting off to this Greek island is easier than you think.

Perhaps, the biggest reason to visit Santorini is its numerous travel routes. You can find many international and domestic flights that fly from major cities of Greece to this island. It’s also got an international airport that is 5 km away from the capital, Fira.

After landing here, you may board a bus, rent a car or hitchhike your way around the magnificent island.

What if the plane ticket is too expensive for you? Then you may take a ferry to the island from the Piraeus Port in Athens.

Want to know more? Read this.
Long story short, there are lots of reasons to visit Santorini. Its interesting itinerary is the major reason why it continues to be a tourist attraction for solo travelers, honeymoon couples, families, and archeologists alike.
Now, the question is–which one of these travelers will you be when you come to this heavenly island?

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