Your Santorini wedding can take place either in a church (orthodox or catholic) or at the town hall (civil wedding). Greek orthodox weddings are performed in Greek, Catholic weddings are performed in Greek or French, and civil weddings are performed in Greek or English. Two witnesses are required for all types of weddings. If necessary, our wedding planners are happy to stand in as your witnesses.

Whether you are catholic or Greek orthodox, the priest of your local parish will be able to inform you of the documents needed to get marry in Santorini.

If the couple has chosen a civil marriage, they must go to the Thira Registry Office within 40 days of the wedding ceremony to declare the marriage. Civil wedding certificates are issued within 3 working days, translated and sent to the couple's home address. Church-performed marriage certificates are issued by the priest and sent to the couple's local parish, where they can be collected
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