We provide you the most necessary telephone numbers so that you can enjoy a safe and carefree stay. The list below includes all the useful contacts that you will need or may use in case of emergency and other important services concerning your safety, healthcare, transportation and your convenience in general. That way you can organize your trip in a better way and avoid any inconveniences that might occur. Throughout the island of Santorini there are public phone booths available that operate with card you can find in mini markets and kiosks.

The international dialing code for Greece is +30 and the local dialing code for Santorini is 22860.

List of the most useful telephone numbers that a tourist might need in Santorini.


Port Authority(+30) 2286 022239
Airport(+30) 2286 028400
Olympic Airways(+30) 2286 031525
Aegean Airlines(+30) 2286 028500
Athens Airways(+30) 2286 032020
Santorini's Local Buses(+30) 2286 025404
Santorini's Radio Taxis(+30) 2286 022555
Greek National Tourist Organization Office(+30) 2286 027199


Health Centre (Fira)(+30) 2286 022237
First Aid Station (Emporio)(+30) 2286 081222
First Aid Station (Kamari)(+30) 2286 031175
First Aid Station (Oia)(+30) 2286 071227
First Aid Station (Pyrgos)(+30) 2286 031207
First Aid Station (Thirassia)(+30) 2286 029144
Pharmacy (Fira)(+30) 2286 022700
Pharmacy (Fira)(+30) 2286 023444
Pharmacy (Fira)(+30) 2286 025310
Pharmacy (Fira)(+30) 2286 025310
Pharmacy (Oia)(+30) 2286 071464
Pharmacy (Kamari)(+30) 2286 031840
Pharmacy (Messaria)(+30) 2286 032566


Archaeological Museum of Santorini (Fira)(+30) 2286 022217
Prehistorical Museum of Santorini (Fira)(+30) 2286 023217
Archeological Site of Akrotiri(+30) 2286 081366


Police (Fira)(+30) 2286 022649
Police (Oia)(+30) 2286 071954
Fire Brigade(+30) 2286 033199


Post Office (Fira)(+30) 2286 022238


National bank of Greece (Fira)(+30) 2286 022662
Alpha Bank (Fira)(+30) 2286 023801
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