Are you looking for the most romantic location to marry? Do you want to spend your honeymoon sipping champagne, in the arms of your significant other while gazing at the most spellbinding sunset in the world? If so, Santorini Island is the ideal wedding and honeymoon destination for you!

Santorini weddings are very popular with many couples because the island is an idyllic spot for an elegant ceremony and reception, as well as an unforgettable honeymoon. At Matt Holidays, we undertake all aspects of your Santorini Island wedding planning, including the wedding ceremony, the reception, and the honeymoon accommodation at Santorini hotels. All you have to do is send us the necessary documentation and inform us of the desired nuptial date, and our Santorini wedding planners will have everything organized for you upon your arrival.In order to plan your Santorini wedding, it is necessary that couples obtain certain documents that will allow us to carry out the Santorini Island wedding planning. All documents must be translated into Greek by a certified authority, such as the Greek Embassy or Consulate in the country of your origin, and sent to us 4 weeks prior to the Santorini wedding ceremony.
  • Birth Certificate: both the groom and bride must obtain a full birth certificate (in contrast to a short birth certificate, which is not accepted for this purpose)

  • Certificate of No Impediment: states that the couple is free to marry and is issued by the registrar's office in their area. This document should be dated no more than 3 months prior to the wedding day.

  • Decree Absolute: in case one or both parties are divorced, a certified copy of this document must be submitted (for each person)

  • Death Certificate of Previous Spouse: in case one or both parties are a widow/er, this document must be submitted (for each person)

  • Deed Poll Certificate: in case one or both parties have changed their name, this document must be submitted (for each person)

  • Adoption Certificate: in case one or both parties are adopted, this document must be submitted (for each person)

  • Baptism Certificate: this document must be submitted (for each person) if the couple is getting married in the Greek Orthodox or Catholic Church. It is not required for a civil marriage.

If the Santorini wedding is to take place at a Catholic Church, a Confirmation Certificate, a Baptism Certificate and a Freedom to Marry Certificate, must be issued by the couple's parish priest and dated less than 3 months prior to the wedding date should also be submitted. Couples need to get a written permission from their parish's bishop to have the marriage performed outside their parish. In addition, the couple must obtain a certificate that they have completed their “Pre-Cava” instruction meetings.
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Santorini and COVID-19: The Good News of Zero Cases!

During this difficult time for humanity, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Santorini was "lucky" as there were no reported COVID-19 cases! Additionally, the Greek authorities took measures to protect the lives of all citizens and visitors right away.

The Greek government has introduced health protocols and measures to ensure the safety of visitors, which must be followed by hoteliers, tour operators, restaurants, cafes, etc.

If you are concerned about social distancing, there are plenty of outdoor spaces and activities in Santorini to have a great time with your loved ones!

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