Santorini is a gifted island that has become the ultimate travel destination over the years and is among the most romantic getaways worldwide, not unreasonably, since it has distinct dramatic landscapes, a captivating wild natural beauty and offers awe-inspiring images and intriguing sensations to all visitors. Being an island and a particularly awesome place it is ideal for unparalleled summer vacation as it provides precious shores, an open sea, attention-grabbing views and the famed warm Greek hospitality and way of life.
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Santorini, or Thera as it is officially called, is a small Greek island, with an area of 96 km2, in the southern Aegean Sea. It belongs to a group of islands, called Cyclades, which consists of numerous islands that share the same characteristics and architecture. Santorini is a real gem and succeeds in enchanting every single person that sets foot on its magical land. It is actually the southernmost Cycladic island and lies between the Greek islands Ios and Anafi. It is at a distance of 130 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus in Athens, the capital of Greece, and 70 nautical miles from Crete, the largest Greek island. It is located about 200 km southeast of the mainland and is accessible by ferryboat or plane.
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In fact, Santorini is a part of an archipelago that took its current form after a series of serious volcanic eruptions. The islands that constitute the archipelago are those of Therasia, the uninhabited island Aspronisi and the residual volcanic islands Palaia Kammeni and Nea Kammeni. Before a great eruption that occurred 3,500 years ago, they used to form one big round island called Strogili (which means circular). This historic eruption separated it and created the individual islands. Plus it gave Santorini its crescent shape, the extraordinary volcanic beaches and the jaw-dropping caldera!

It is unbelievable the fact that such a sublime natural beauty was born from the ruins. The reason why Santorini stands out and is so popular and attractive is that a destructive force created one of the most spectacular natural sights in the world. The renowned volcano, the creator of a unique landscape, is still active and its crater is underwater. From Santorini you have the chance to visit by boat and explore the rest of the islands and gain a full experience from this remarkable archipelago.
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