Santorini is a unique wine-growing region where the volcanic, mineral-rich soil in combination with the climate creates uncommon, high quality wine varieties. The island has vast plantations of vineyards, which are the oldest in the whole world, and a huge production of wine, including rare types that own distinct characteristics but share the same rich flavor. Wine holds a special position among the acclaimed local products of Santorini and stands out for its quality and phenomenal taste. As a result, its wine is globally adored and has managed to win over even the most demanding wine lovers.

The island of Santorini brims with wineries where a visit constitutes a spellbinding experience. They are worthy representatives of the great wine-making tradition. Α visit in a winery, or more, is a memorable luscious journey among exceptional flavors and aromas. Besides the passionate wine tasting and the chance to try many voluptuous varieties, the wineries provide tours where guests can become acquainted with the history and production of wine in Santorini. What is more, they can explore the vineyards and learn the secrets of making these fine varieties. The atmosphere is cozy and friendly, in wonderful surroundings and some of them offer astonishing views. Find out your favorite type and make sure to take a bottle with you so that excellence can accompany you at home.

Map of Santorini's wineries

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