In a peaceful location among the vineyards, the most exceptional wines are produced with a strong focus on precision and quality.

The history of Argyros Estate goes back to 1903 when Georgios Argyros established the winery in Episkopi Gonias (also known as Mesa Gonia) village. Situated at an altitude of 35-150 meters, the vineyard produces a wide variety of local wines, including Aidani, Athiri, Assyrtiko, and Mavrotragano. These grape varieties are cultivated using traditional techniques and some of them date back more than 150 years.

A profound change and development of the winery was accomplished by the founder’s grandson, Yiannis Argyros, in 1974. Since then, he continued the family's wine-making legacy by taking it a step further with the use of modern technology. Nowadays, the winery is in the hands of his son Matthew, the fourth generation of the Argyros family. Under Matthew's leadership, the family’s long tradition of winemaking continues successfully. Furthermore, the estate plans to open a new winery for visitors in the near future, with the aim of increasing production and becoming the second largest wine producer of Santorini.

Estate Argyros has managed to produce some of the most highly awarded wines on the island, with their quality being recognized all over the world! In fact, Wine & Spirits Magazine ranked the winery among the best 100 wineries in the world, in 2005, 2006, 2013, and 2014. Additionally, it received the ''Best Winery of white varieties'' award for the year 2008 from the Gourmet Magazine in Greece.

Visitors of the winery can take pleasure in an integrated wine-tasting experience with delectable appetizers, all in the atmosphere of a historic, traditional place. They can also join a guided tour and gain insight into the winemaking process and its rich history.

The winery features a divine, rare 20-year-old Vinsanto, which is the winemakers’ gem, and guests yearn to taste it and purchase a bottle. Moreover, among its most famous wines are Assyrtiko Argyros, Argyros Vinsanto, Argyros Chocolate Vinsanto, and Mavrotragano.

Estate Argyros Winery has achieved the remarkable feat of crafting some of the most critically acclaimed wines found on the island. The recognition and admiration for the exceptional quality of its wines extend globally, earning them a prestigious reputation worldwide.

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