Exploring its cellar, which is dug into the rock, will reveal to guests the long history and tradition of winemaking!

The current owners of the winery, two siblings, are the fifth generation of vintners and treat wine production with respect. They make the most out of the peculiarities of Santorini’s ecosystem and cultivate all the varieties of the island ‒ Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mandilaria, Mavrathiro ‒ in their private vineyards.

The winery consists of an old canava, where traditional winemaking methods are used, and a new, modern canava, that combines tradition with technology to produce a new generation of wines. A visit to this winery, which produces nine different labels of wine in total, offers a rewarding experience as guests have the opportunity to taste fine wines at various stages of maturation. You can go there every day of the week and enjoy a guided tour around the installations, along with a wine-tasting experience. The tour is like a journey to the past and offers the opportunity to guests to witness and learn about the operation of a canava.

At the winery, guests can also find a tavern, with an admirable shady courtyard that overlooks the Aegean Sea. In the tavern, they have the chance to try traditional Greek dishes accompanied by exemplary wine varieties. What is more, an event called “Santorini Evenings” is organized on a regular basis in order to offer a more extensive sampling of wines with complementary specialties. The warm, friendly atmosphere during the event,  as well as the spectacular surroundings, have established it as a beloved gathering among wine lovers! Additionally, the winery hosts several concerts, theatrical performances, and exhibitions with a view to promoting the cultural heritage of Santorini.

All in all, the family-owned Canava Roussos is a gem among wineries that specializes in aged wines and has centuries of experience in wine production.

Don't miss the chance to spend an evening there, drinking Nykteri in the wonderful stone building, and taking part in the lovely tour by the kind staff!

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