One of the finest wineries of Santorini is situated in the traditional village of Pyrgos, in a wonderful area on the top of the caldera. Santorini is renowned for its local wine varieties as it holds a huge tradition in winemaking thanks to the rich volcanic soil and Santo Wines is a notable representative and the biggest wine producer of the island that dates back to 1947.

A state-of-the-art winery with advanced machinery and modern facilities, along with the Oenotourism Center, was created in 1992 and since then it offers excellent awarded wines. A visit to Santo Wines is an utterly worthwhile experience since you have the chance to taste a variety of wines accompanied by fine viands in a tastefully decorated place with lounge music (or live music if you get lucky) or in a dreamy outdoor space. There are hardly any words to describe the view from here. The location overlooks the impressive caldera, the volcano and the vast Aegean Sea and offers a stunning view anytime of the day. Especially during the evening, under the sunset colors, the atmosphere at the terrace gets totally romantic and inviting. What is more, you can take, if you wish, a guided tour to the winery to get acquainted with the tools and history of winemaking and watch a 15-minute documentary, made by Santo Wines, about the history of Santorini wine. There is also a shop where you can choose from a wide variety of wines, wine accessories and other traditional food and specialties, including tomato paste and fava beans, to take with you.

Santo Wines hosts popular wine tastings and wedding ceremonies as well, as the place is ideal for special events. It is advisable that you make a reservation beforehand. You will be pleased to find out that the staff is very kind and helpful. Visit this gem of Santorini and get ready for the most palatable journey.

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Location of Santo Wines

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Santo Wines is located in Pyrgos village
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