Domaine Sigalas was founded in 1991 by Paris Sigalas, Christos Markozane and Yiannis Toundas. Initially, Sigalas made his wine at the converted Sigalas family home. In 1998 a new vinification, bottling and aging unit was built in a privately owned area of Oia, on the northern part of Santorini. Today, after constant investments in technology and modernization the current production allows for the elaboration and bottling of 350,000 bottles per year. In addition Sigalas has been a pioneer in the organic viticulture . Since 1994 Domaine Sigalas has participated in the organic farming methods program and cooperates with DIO (certification organism for organic products).
The company continues to develop its strategy based on its founding principles - a creative relationship with the tradition, the Santorini Vineyards as well as the use of the best in winemaking technology, experience and quality products. These principles have always been and still are the fundamental basis of its philosophy.
The Sigalas Winery, during the tourist period between March and October, is open for visit everyday from 10 o'clock a.m. to 8 o'clock p.m. You could have a guided tour and taste our wines with traditional snacks from Cyclades like kinds of assorted cheese, bread rusks made of barley with olive oil and fresh tomatoes and traditional sweets

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Location of Domaine Sigalas winery

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Domaine Sigalas winery is located in Oia village
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