Domaine Sigalas Winery is known for producing high-quality wines, which are exported to various prominent international markets and have gained recognition with a series of awards in international competitions.

The Domaine Sigalas Winery lies in the picturesque village of Oia, in a beautiful area called Baxes. The owner, Paris Sigalas, started his company in 1991 under the name Sigalas Winery Ltd, at his family home in a private canava (=cellar). In 1998, a new unit was constructed, and since then, he has been the owner of a contemporary winery and a 30-hectare vineyard. There, he cultivates the local grape varieties, such as Assyrtiko, Aidani, Athiri, Gaidouria, Platana, and Mavrotragano, always striving to enhance their growth and quality. In 2003, the company was renamed ''Domaine Sigalas''. Since then, it has claimed a dominant place among wineries, renowned for its production of exceptional wines and its global recognition.

The winery is open to the public daily for wine tastings and guided tours. During the tour of the facilities and the vineyard, visitors learn about the history of wine production in the distinctive volcanic land of Santorini and get acquainted with the stages of the winemaking procedure. At the end of the tour, guests have the opportunity to sample 10 different wine labels from the exemplary wines of the estate, in the company of a specialized enologist, who provides in-depth information about the various varieties, enhancing the tasting experience.

The unique palatable experience can only be complete if you accompany your wine tasting with traditional specialties, made of fresh local products. It is recommended that you visit the winery in the evening in order to take pleasure in the wondrous colors of the setting sun. Additionally, the stunning location and areas of Domaine Sigalas Winery make it the perfect venue for wedding receptions.

As you raise your glass to partake in these extraordinary wines, your taste buds are met with a symphony of flavors that reflect the sun-drenched vineyards and volcanic soils of Santorini!

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Location of Domaine Sigalas winery

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Domaine Sigalas winery is located in Oia village
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